TRM: Keeping Your Head in the Crypto Compliance Game


The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving and requires compliance experts to always be on top of their game and be prepared for surprises. 

“We are fully equipped to comply with existing regulatory obligations,” said Mandeep Walia, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer at Circle.

“Expanding our capabilities to scale and adapt our risk management needs as the regulatory landscape continues evolving will also help us look around corners and be prepared. We believe the TRM platform gives us the most accurate, comprehensive picture of financial crime risk across all of the assets we need to monitor.” 

Circle is implementing an anti-financial crime suite from TRM Labs to further strengthen transaction monitoring capabilities and help ensure a clean, secure ecosystem as business grows. TRM Labs is a blockchain intelligence provider that combines raw blockchain data with advanced analytics to help customers identify “on-chain” indicators of money laundering or other illicit activity and trace the flow of cryptocurrency funds to their ultimate source or destination. 

The TRM platform is used by financial institutions, crypto businesses, law enforcement and regulatory agencies around the world to monitor, detect and investigate financial crime and fraud in digital assets. Circle will use TRM’s risk management platform to conduct digital currency transaction monitoring, a process for detecting unusual activity and investigating alerts through integrated case management.

“Circle brings an innovative, collaborative ethos and a first-rate team of compliance experts to the TRM user community,” said Esteban Castaño, co-founder and CEO of TRM Labs, underscoring an increasingly proactive effort by many in the crypto ecosystem to implement best-in-class technology and policies that promote trust and safety for users.

We’re also excited to partner with TRM’s user community to provide development input on forward-thinking solutions for their entire ecosystem customers and partners.”

Learn more about the innovations and thought leadership Circle and TRM Labs are building from TRM’s recent webinar about The Nuts & Bolts of Crypto Compliance.

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