The Money Movement Episode 41: Building an Open Source Music Community

The Money Movement

In episode 41 of The Money Movement, Jeremy talks with Audius Co-founder and CEO Roneil Rumburg about the energizing effect of blockchain technology on open source software and the future of community-governed content distribution. Here’s a small peek at The Money Movement newsletter that dives even deeper on these themes:

"...It wasn’t until turing-complete smart contract execution on blockchains like Ethereum entered the picture that distribution could truly become decentralized, unlocking the possibility of true ownership for artists and true access for their community. For the first time, creator and community owned commons have the capability to be financially solvent in their own right."

"The spirit of open source development becomes a positive feedback flywheel, as the composability of public blockchains and smart contract infrastructure allows monetization to emerge at entirely new stages in the audience engagement cycles…"

The Money Movement episode 41

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