The Circle Alliance Program: Industry Leaders Building the Future of Finance

Company Updates

Circle is focused on creating the world’s largest and most widely used regulated stablecoin network. To do that, we are empowering a global community of forward-looking businesses to bring the convenience of stablecoins and Web3 technology to billions of people around the world.


Introducing the Circle Alliance Program

The Circle Alliance Program unites a global network of like-minded companies with a common goal — to advance the development and growth of the internet financial system — with members representing a diverse group of organizations currently utilizing Circle’s stablecoins and Web3 services. The program seeks to unite the various types of companies building with Circle, unlocking potential for USDC. Our goal is to help solve real-world challenges, extending access to digital dollars, enhancing cross-border payments, and providing digital financial services.

The value of joining the Circle Alliance Program

There are many benefits to membership in the Circle Alliance Program. Members receive dedicated team support, access to members-only webinars and events, insights from subject matter experts from Circle, potential product development and marketing opportunities, and the ability to connect with our expanding network of Alliance members.

For more information on the Circle Alliance Program and to talk to our team about becoming a member, visit here.  

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