ICYMI: The Stablecoin Trade with Dan Matuszewski

The Money Movement

Catch Episode 14 of The Money Movement below or take a listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


In case you missed it, our most recent episode of the Money Movement featured a fascinating conversation with Dan Matuszewski, a crypto trading veteran who started his career in 2012 and helped build the Circle Trade business, and is now partner at CMS Holdings, a fast-growing principal investment firm focused on investments across the cryptoasset ecosystem. If you're interested in the untold stories of the early stablecoin trade, the evolution of the stablecoin sector, with topics spanning Tether, DAI, DeFi, and predictions for the future, definitely check out this episode of the Money Movement. 

If you missed it live, you can watch the full episode on-demand here, along with complete show transcripts. 

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