ICYMI: Financial Privacy, Digital Currency and Stablecoin Payments on the Money Movement

The Money Movement

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In case you missed it, the Money Movement recently tackled one of the most talked about and controversial dimensions of crypto currency and blockchain adoption: financial privacy. This topic has come to the forefront of policy maker and regulator considerations as they grapple with the rapid rise of digital currency and stablecoin payments on a worldwide basis. 

To help us understand these issues, the Money Movement was joined by two of the preeminent experts in the space: Jerry Brito, Executive Director of Coin Center, and Paul R. Brody, Principal & Global Innovation Leader, Blockchain Technology, Ernst & Young. 
Questions tackled in this episode of the Money Movement include: How can we be assured of our privacy with blockchain payments? Are there risks of government and law enforcement overreach? What are the boundaries of financial privacy for individuals and what risks do privacy preserving technologies pose to governments? What about corporate and commercial privacy — public blockchains are transparent, how can a company adopt this and not disclose private transaction activity as a firm? What are the technology and policy answers to these questions?

If you missed it live, you can watch the full episode on-demand here, along with complete show transcripts. 

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