ICYMI: Fmr US Treasury Secretary Summers on The Money Movement 

The Money Movement

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In an exclusive conversation with former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers, Money Movement host and Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire discusses the global economic crisis, the outlook in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what a financial system recovery might look like. Mr. Summers also shares his views on what he describes as an unprecedented era of government dependency for the financial system. Against this backdrop, the two dive deep into key drivers spurring growth in global digital currency and how governments will react to the fast-growing phenomenon of mainstream stablecoin adoption, including some of the geo-political implications of fiat-backed stablecoins.
We're taking a break this week, but coming back July 9th with an exciting new episode of the Money Movement focused on Digital Currency Governance, where Mr. Allaire will be joined by Sheila Warren, head of blockchain and data for the World Economic Forum, where she has been convening leaders of the public and private sector in a consortium focused on addressing the governance issues of global digital currency, and by Dante Disparte, Vice Chairman of Libra Association, where he helps to spearhead global policy models for stablecoins.

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