ICYMI: International Payments with Stablecoins

The Money Movement

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The advent of stablecoins has ushered in a transformative moment for international payments. In this week's episode of The Money Movement, we were joined by three market leaders on the front lines of this revolution: Darius Sit, the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at QCP Capital, Fabricio Tota, Director at Mercado Bitcoin, and Sebastian Serrano, Founder & CEO of Ripio. In a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion, this week's guests shared customer stories and recent experiences that point to a broad trend taking hold around the world with businesses increasingly using stablecoins for payments and settlement, taking advantage of the unique power of digital dollars. 
Next Thursday, June 11th at 1pm EDT, we hope you can join us for Episode 7: Stablecoins & Financial Inclusion. Huge swaths of the global population have mobile devices, but don't participate in the financial system. Stablecoins and the proliferation of digital currencies present an exciting new opportunity for people to connect to a more open and inclusive financial system, creating new economic opportunities for those who have been excluded from the banking sector. We'll be discussing these topics with several guests who bring powerful perspectives on the transformative potential of these technologies. 

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