ICYMI: Check out Episode 5 and tune in for next week's show

The Money Movement

From the macro into the micro, Jeremy and guests cover how blockchains are opening up completely new types of global corporate forms. Catch Episode 5 here or take a listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


In this Episode, we cover a lot of ground — from foundational ideas for how economic activity will evolve and be re-organized on blockchain infrastructure, to hearing from leading innovators building the smart contract infrastructure for creating digital-native communities, corporations and contracts. This was a far reaching conversation on some of the more profound implications and ideas being spurned in the global money movement.

Next Thursday, June 4th at 1pm EDT, catch Episode 6: International Payments with Stablecoins where we will talk through the real-world use cases of moving value around the world with stablecoins, and the implications for how internet businesses transact with their stakeholders everywhere.

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