ICYMI: Check out Episode 3 and tune in for next week’s show

The Money Movement

Catch Episode 3 of the Money Movement below or listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

In Episode 3, The Power of Programmable Money we were joined by three highly innovative smart contract projects and explore the power of using 'lego bricks' for money in lending and borrowing, new innovative forms of paying employees and building support for decentralised payment escrow and arbitration.  

Next week, tune in on Tuesday at 9a EDT for Episode 4 Special Edition:  Full Reserve Banking, Narrow Banks for Digital Currency and the China Model. In this special Tuesday edition of The Money Movement with distinguished guests from the Bank of England, International Monetary Fund and the People's Bank of China to help us round out our explorations on Full Reserve Money and its connection and implications for digital currency and the future of the international monetary system.

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