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In recent months, we have been expanding our developer offering to provide tools like OpenAPI specPostman collections, and a Node.Js SDK to make it simple to build on Circle. We aren’t stopping there, I am happy to share that we now offer a Developer dashboard within Circle Account! The Developer dashboard will be the home for devs to manage their integration with Circle. This initial launch includes two new web3 developer tools: API logs and Webhook Subscription Management.


API Logs

With no setup necessary, API Logs enable developers to view the history of API requests and responses made to Circle APIs. When combined with filters like request ID, date range, status, HTTP method, and/or path; debugging API errors couldn’t be easier. 


For example, let's say your system logs started to see a growing list of Circle API errors with the HTTP Status Code 422 Unprocessable Entity. In this case, you could use Circle’s API Logs to 1) filter by status failed 2) note down any API path similarities like they are all  POST: /payouts 3) inspect each request payload 4) cross-reference Circle’s API References and 5) discover that amount.currencies should be amount.currency. This is just one of the many ways the API Log tool can assist in unfortunate situations where bugs arise.


Tip: When integrating with Circle’s APIs, use the API request header X-Request-Id to trace the request from your system to Circle, and back to yours. This ID is unique per request/response and corresponds to the same request/response on your and our system. You can even search by X-Request-Id directly in the Search ID box.


Webhook Subscription Management

With Webhook Subscription Management, you’ll no longer need to use our API to add, view or remove subscriptions; it can all be done within the Circle Account. Once the webhook subscription is added and the status is confirmed, updates to API resources will be sent to your destination URL. 


If you haven’t subscribed to webhook subscriptions before, head over to our notification quickstart guide where you can walk through setting up notifications in our Sandbox environment.

*This video was taken in Circle Sandbox.


What’s Next?

In the coming months, you can expect several new features within the developer dashboard, including:

  1. API key management
  2. Visualize API metrics
  3. View event notification history

Build with us!

Interested in trying out Circle? Head over to our Circle Sandbox where you can try out APIs for programmatic USDC payments and generating wallets. Once you have created an account and have an API key, jump into our dev docs where you will find several quickstarts to start building. Until next time. Cheers!


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