Episode 32: Black Empowerment with Crypto

The Money Movement

Accelerating adoption of crypto is raising significant questions about how it can play a role in improving the economy at large. Not only does crypto have a diversity problem, it is also woefully misunderstood in broader communities, including communities of color. Moreover, as we enter a new era of a Biden Administration, from a financial services and fintech perspective, the progressive wing of the Democratic party is going to be focused on delivering results and improving financial opportunities for underrepresented communities. How can crypto transform economic opportunities for people of color everywhere? 


crypto black empowerment


Joining us this week to explore these issues and more is Cleve Mesidor, the founder of the National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain. A Washington insider, she served as an Obama Presidential Appointee, a senior staffer in Congress, and the leadership of national political campaigns. She is also the author of The CLEVOLUTION: My Quest for Justice in politics & Crypto. 


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