Episode 26: Biden and Crypto

Episode 26: Biden and Crypto

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What will a Biden Administration mean for the crypto industry in the United States? Like every new administration, Biden's will bring a raft of new political appointments that will change the composition of key regulatory agencies, including the Department of Treasury and OCC, the CFTC and SEC. Who stays and goes remains to be seen. Equally impactful will be who controls Congress, with recounts and court battles likely to determine the outcomes of key Senate races that may tip the balance. Could a unified government pave the way for national policy innovation? Or will a divided Congress lead to more gridlock? From digital asset investment and trading, to digital securities, to digital dollar stablecoins, the crypto industry is clearly at a tipping point. Will the political and regulatory dynamics of a Biden Administration accelerate crypto's mainstream moment? 

To help us answer these and other questions, we are joined this week on the Money Movement by two Washington insiders who live at the intersection of the crypto industry and DC policymaking: Kristin Smith, Blockchain Association Executive Director, and John Collins, Partner at fintech-focused advisory firm FS Vector, both deep inside the discussions around the future administration and its impact on crypto and fintech.


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