Episode 17: USDC hits 1 Billion in Circulation

The Money Movement

This week on the Money Movement we’ll be talking about USDC at 1 Billion. USDC has become the fastest growing stablecoin in history, seeing over 200% growth over the past six months alone, and has become a de facto standard as a trusted, compliant digital dollar format and protocol on blockchains. At time of writing, USDC sat at ~1,380,000,000 in circulation, and has supported ~$90B in on-chain transactions.

To reflect on all of this, and also to share some really exciting news about the next chapters for USDC, we’re going to be joined by two of the top product executives from Circle and Coinbase who have been responsible for the development, launch and growth of USDC.  Joining us will be VP of Product at Circle, Joao Reginatto, and Group Product Manager at Coinbase, Nemil Dalal, with reflections and visions on the history and future of USDC.  If you’re in the broader crypto ecosystem, you don’t want to miss this episode, we’re going to have some nice surprises.

usdc at 1 billion


Live on YouTube Thursday August 27 at 1p ET

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