Episode 13: Banking Meets Stablecoins

The Money Movement

This week on the Money Movement we'll be talking about how banking is meeting  stablecoins. This past week brought big news from the US Treasury OCC who provided fresh guidelines for banks, allowing for them to hold and custody crypto assets, including stablecoins. This is a major signal that traditional financial institutions are going to be getting into the crypto and stablecoin space. At Circle, we’re seeing accelerated interest from neobanks, fintechs and global banks on adopting digital currency as a payment and settlement medium, and expect this to be a major theme in the coming year.


Live on YouTube Thursday July 30 at 1p ET

Joining us Thursday are three guests who bring unique perspective to how stablecoins are transforming banking, including Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, the Founder and CEO, BCB Group, a European neo-bank embracing stablecoins as a core payment medium; Julien Hawle, the Head of Blockchain Lab at Bank Frick & Co. AG, similarly a fast growing European neobank that has adopted USDC as an alternative to SWIFT for international dollar settlements, and Michael Moro, the Chief Executive Officer of Genesis, perhaps the largest institutional lending facility in crypto and who’s firm is driving and building significant stablecoin based credit markets.

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