Episode 12: Financial Privacy, Digital Currency & Stablecoin Payments

The Money Movement

One of the major issues that has vexed policy makers and regulators, and is fundamental to the growth and adoption of crypto currency and blockchains is issues around financial privacy. How can we be assured of our privacy with blockchain payments? Are there risks of government and law enforcement overreach? On the flip side, what are the boundaries of financial privacy for individuals and what risks do privacy preserving technologies pose to governments? What about corporate and commercial privacy — public blockchains are transparent, how can a company adopt this and not disclose private transaction activity as a firm? What are the technology and policy answers to these questions?


Live on YouTube Thursday July 23 at 1p ET

This week we are going to be deep diving into Digital Currency, Stablecoins and Financial Privacy with two exceptional guests — Jerry Brito, Founder and Executive Director of CoinCenter, one of the preeminent think tanks on digital currency and a firm that has done a lot of thinking on this topic, and Paul Brody, a Principal and Global Blockchain Leader at Ernst & Young, and one of the drivers behind the Nightfall project, which aims to enable privacy-preserved payment transactions on Ethereum while also enabling trusted 3rd party audits.

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