Circle tops the charts in the UK App Store

We are so excited to share news with you today - we’ve topped the App Store! We’re currently sitting at #1 for free finance apps, and this week, we made it into the top 20 overall free apps for the first time. Circle is also one of the featured apps for this week which we’re really chuffed with!

This is great news for Circle, but also for social payments in general. We’ve seen strong viral growth over the past few months. The whole point of social payments is to make the sharing of money between friends and family as easy as possible; it makes group events easier and lets you avoid a lot of awkward moments and stress around money.

We’ve checked in with our MD for Europe, Marieke Flament, to see what she has to say about our news: “For Circle to be ranked above our competitors and high street banks is incredible. Social payments are becoming a lot more popular and we can see this from increasing usage over the past few months. Social payments really do make money exchanges easier and people love Circle for that - it’s free, easy fast and fun - what more could you want! I’m really looking forward to seeing this soar.

“The UK team has been working really hard since our launch just over a year ago, and we have seen significant growth since – we have a number of milestones during 2017, particularly for our European team, so it’s a really exciting time for us.”
If you don’t already have the app, search ‘Circle Pay’ and download it now – or just click on the finance category and you’ll find us straight away!!

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