Beyond Borders

Rajah Caruth blurs the lines between digital and real world

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Circle believes in those that move the world forward. That’s why Circle is a proud sponsor of trailblazers like Rajah Caruth who leverages innovative digital technology to change the real world of racing.


Digital access creates opportunity

As a kid with a passion for racing growing up in Washington, D.C., Rajah Caruth was more than 100 miles from the nearest NASCAR track. That meant he needed to find another way. He turned to digital racing and spent day and night training on virtual tracks to get ready for the real thing.


Shifting gears from digital to real-world racing

Caruth knew that going from digital to real racing was going to be a challenge, but the lines were starting to blur. He started with digital racing, worked his way up and eventually got the opportunity to take the wheel. Caruth’s digital racing experience gave him everything he needed to hit the track.

Just remember 
that 5 years ago, 
you dreamed about 
where you are now.”
– Rajah Caruth

Innovation wins the race

Caruth was one of the first racers almost fully trained on a digital experience. He leaned into his digital training and took all the lessons from the virtual simulator to the real track. At just 21, Caruth’s racing career is still at the beginning, but it represents how access to technology can change the future of racing.

I wanted to change what was possible. So, I focused on what was ahead and kept building. Eventually, the world had to catch up to me.”
– Rajah Caruth

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