Join the USDC Partner Wallet Network and Start Using USDC

A global interoperable network of digital wallets built on standards

A global, fast, cheap, secure, irreversible and interoperable payments network — powered by USDC. Let’s grow the digital dollar-powered internet economy together. Apply to join the USDC Partner Wallet Network and open up new dimensions of growth for your business.

Become a USDC Partner Wallet

Reach more customers

Get discovered by the robust network of businesses building next generation finance and commerce applications with Visa and Circle.


Drive USDC to your platform

As a vetted USDC Partner Wallet, businesses who use Circle can seamlessly connect to your wallet and make USDC payouts to your customers.


Accelerate your go-to-market

We’ve put together ready-to-use resources & documentation to help your teams integrate into the wallet network so you can open up a new distribution channel for growth.

How it works

Pre-built Integrations

APIs and widgets allow new & existing users on your business to seamlessly receive USDC payouts through the network.

Intelligent Optimizations

If a wallet supports a faster, cheaper version of the USDC protocol, Circle will automatically select the best public chain to route the USDC transaction on.

Beautiful User Experience

The integration you build with Circle allows for the exchange of blockchain addresses and the underlying USDC transfer to happen behind the scenes, abstracting away the complexities from the end user.

Flexible funds routing

A seamless payout experience for users

Circle provides developers the APIs and front end modules needed to create easy and accessible experiences for global payouts. We abstract away the complexities of blockchain payments through innovative user experiences.

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Extend your reach through Visa-enabled digital wallets

Provide your customers, freelancers, vendors and suppliers a seamless and cheaper payout experience in more than 35 countries with Visa Partner Wallets.
Circle Visa

Spend funds at any Visa accepting merchant

Sellers, creators and suppliers will be able to receive funds using USDC over public blockchains, and spend those funds near instantly, with finite fees using Visa cards and credentials connected to Visa Partner Wallets.

Global & compliant coverage

Access a growing network of Visa Partner Wallets in over 35 countries. From the US, Western Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, Australia and more geographies coming soon.

Apply to become a USDC Partner Wallet today

List of available countries that participate in the USDC Partner Network is available upon request