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 payouts globally

Automate your payouts in global markets and geos with digital dollars and USDC — while fully owning the user experience.

Global businesses & marketplaces using the power of USDC


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Digital content & seller marketplaces


B2B cross border payments

The Problem

Global internet marketplaces require highly complex funds flows to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers, using different providers for accepting payments and initiating payouts.

Expanding into new geos means integrating with many local payment processors, navigating the complexity of the legal and regulatory environment for every new market.

Enabling a very long tail of sellers/suppliers with payouts on a global basis is difficult, with payment and payout options limited beyond major countries.

The Solution

Stop updating spreadsheets and physical checks all while juggling multiple payout providers across jurisdictions. Use a single integration with our APIs to automate operational workflows and limit human error and input to paying out customers in digital dollars, USDC or your local currency.


  • Pay your sellers, suppliers and even end customers through digital dollars with on-chain USDC transactions to over 150 countries, through bank wire transfers in 185 countries, or in the US via ACH.
  • Expand your international presence without local entities or local banking relationships.
  • Decouple sending payouts from also accepting payments in your business, you can fund the payout settlement through your Circle Mint account.
  • Customize the payout user experience for your platform.
Ideal for

Global marketplaces, online businesses and platforms that want to fully own the customer and user experience and enter into new markets and geos with digital dollars and USDC.

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  • Create and manage a digital wallet infrastructure for your customers including seamless transfer of funds across hosted wallets or via on-chain USDC connectivity.
  • Allows for highly custom funds flows, funds segmentation and support for end customer and internal business needs.
Ideal for

Businesses that need scalable digital dollar accounts and want to automate accepting and making payments in USDC with a custom user experience.

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