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Powerful APIs for accepting marketplace payments and wallet top ups, managing seller accounts, and sending payouts in stablecoin or local currency around the world.

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A combination of our payments and wallets products, our Marketplaces API connect your marketplace participants and your business for programmatic payments and payouts. Integrate with a set of building blocks and flexible APIs to build for any kind of multi-sided global platform.

marketplaces api 
Use cases


On-demand & delivery

Top up your customers’ wallets to pay sellers, contractors, or any supplier within your marketplace, globally from day one.


Gaming, digital goods & content

Facilitate peer-to-peer payment and cash out activities for players and consumers as well as content creators.


Global commerce

Instantly enable cross border marketplaces. Bridge the “last mile” of payments by allowing your sellers to be paid in USDC immediately increasing your TAM.

Accept, store and send crypto payments using USDC
Check out our Wallets API to leverage native crypto and USDC functionality using scalable wallet infrastructure.
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Stablecoin settled payments
Allow your customers to pay or deposit using a debit or credit card with all transactions settling quickly.
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