FTX.us adds Circle APIs to create an easy and fast onramp from USD to USDC


Custom on & off ramps

With a core value of “creating best-in-class trading experiences”, FTX.US needed onramps and offramps to and from USD and USDC that could be simple to use, fast and customizable. They also needed to accept credit card payments for users looking to quickly trade smaller size transactions without sacrificing ease of use and the ability to customize the user experience on the platform.

The Solution

World class & trusted API suite

FTX.us chose to build upon Circle’s world class and trusted API suite. Building upon Circles infrastructure allows FTX.us to best control their user experience while providing payment and payout rails through ACH, Wire Transfers and Credit Card services. USDC also served FTX.us as the natural choice for traders looking to park cash between trades while empowering the exchange to support cross-chain and multi-chain transactions facilitated by USDC. This gives FTX.us a clear competitive advantage in the market and helps reduce cross-chain complexities for users. USDC exists on multiple blockchains, and because Circle allows customers to use USDC on any supported chain, FTX.us is able to let their traders deposit and withdraw on Ethereum, Solana and other reputable blockchains which gives greater access to a growing ecosystem of potential customers not native to Solana.

“Circle APIs give us a fast, reliable and trusted infrastructure for connecting customer bank transfers to our new retail products and with seamless settlement into USDC across Ethereum and Solana, FTX.us has the ability to offer the fastest possible experience for crypto investors.”

— Sam Bankman-Fried, Founder and CEO of FTX.us


By adopting Circle APIs, FTX.us is building upon a strong foundation of crypto native payments rails that will advance the FTX.us mission of becoming easy to use and institutional.