Blockfolio adds Circle APIs to add new trading experience for purchasing crypto on the app


Access to a variety of cryptocurrencies

With demand and new users tracking their portfolios the Blockfolio team needed an easy way to provide users with the ability to buy their favorite cryptocurrencies using deposits from their bank accounts via ACH and cash out funds to their bank while maintaining their best in class user experience that set them apart in the first place.

The Solution

APIs to create a seamless user experience

Blockfolio adopted Circle Payments API as a way to give users the ability to transfer funds to their Blockfolio account via ACH transfers that settle in USDC. This gives Blockfolio a way to natively interact with their blockchain centric tech stack that doesn't require traditional banking relationships. Users have faster access to purchase coins they care about most. Using Circle’s Payouts API, Blockfolio also leveraged the ability to withdraw back user’s USDC funds to their bank accounts, seamlessly using same day ACH transfers.

Blockolio chose Circle as the one stop shop fiat on and off ramp solution of choice because it allowed the most flexibility to build their best in class user experience, with Circle’s infrastructure seamlessly behind the scene to the user.