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The Cost Of Love

Had a bad date? Calculate its cost and request a refund

Ok, so money didn’t buy you love

If you’ve been on a date recently, you probably spent time, energy, and money on it. And if the date was a bad one, perhaps, like any unsatisfied customer, you’d like a refund.

Use our extremely scientific calculator to figure out what you’re owed.

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Tell us about your date — we’ll do the advanced maths and reveal the total cost of your bad date below.

  1. question 1 icon

    Had the IQ of a Jersey Shore star

  2. question 2 icon

    Talked about Trump

  3. question 3 icon

    Talked about Bitcoin

  4. question 4 icon

    Brutal hairstyle

  5. question 5 icon

    Had a legit staring problem, with a doctor’s note to prove it

  6. question 6 icon

    On acid, probably

  7. question 7 icon

    More self-centered than a Kardashian selfie

  8. question 8 icon

    Breath that could kill a small mammal

  9. question 9 icon

    “Forgot” their wallet

  10. question 10 icon

    Planned an elaborate multi-part date, wasting my entire night

  11. $45.31

    is the average cost of a date in the US, in case you wondered

Your Love Refund


Had a bad date? Don’t get mad. Get a refund

You could use Circle to request payback from the person you had the utter misfortune to go out with. But that would be embarrassing, not to mention ineffective.
So why not ask us, your dear compassionate friends at Circle?

Go ahead, try us

Request your love refund

  1. Download
    Get the free Circle Pay app, if you don’t already have it. iOS or Android
  2. Calculate
    Work out the cost of your bad date with our cutting-edge Cost of Love Calculator.
  3. Request
    Request your calculated amount from us using: [email protected]
  4. Describe the horror
    In the message field of your request, tell us why your date was bad and why you deserve to be refunded.

The 5 most creative and convincing submissions will receive our everlasting pity, plus reimbursement up to $100.00. We will stop reading your sob stories on February 28.


Share the (lack of) love

This way, your friends can get paid back for their crap dates too.

What's Circle good for?

When sending money is this easy, it’s never awkward.

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