Accept and make payments globally

Global payments without the global effort. We combine the benefits of stablecoins and blockchain with traditional forms of payments like cards and banks.

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delete-ondarkThe Problem

Traditionally businesses need a bank account, as well as merchant acquiring relationships, which can be costly, complex and time consuming for companies.

Settlement times for receiving payment funds vary widely across every payment jurisdiction, often taking many days or even weeks to settle into business accounts.

Accepting payments globally often requires engaging with local processors in each jurisdiction you want to expand to and navigating the complexity of their legal and regulatory environments.

checkThe Solution

We’ve re-imagined processing payments to combine the benefits of stablecoins and blockchain with traditional forms of payments like cards and banks to bring to market a next generation payments processing solution for your business.


Payments API

Wallets API

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Accept and make blockchain-based USD Coin (USDC) payments through one financial account and no code required
Leverage rules-based funds flows such as “if a deposit is received from this bank account, then transfer USDC to this blockchain address”.
Access and integrate broader Circle APIs for more functionality

ideal for

Global businesses who want a light and easy way to receive payments in USDC with no coding required

api-paymentsPayments API

Your customers can pay or deposit using a debit/credit card and wire transfers with all transactions settling quickly into your account as USDC — on blockchain rails that don’t require traditional banking or merchant acquiring relationships
100+ countries supported for card payments and 80+ countries through wires
Funds settled in your account between 1-3 business days for cards, and faster with wires


Businesses that want to fully own the customer and user experience, go global and increase customer reach.

api-walletsWallets API

Accept and make USDC payments globally with a custom integration into your user experience with near instant settlement and no bank or middlemen required.
Create and manage a digital wallet infrastructure for your customers including seamless transfer of funds across hosted wallets or via on-chain USDC connectivity.
Allows for highly custom funds flows, funds segmentation and support for end customer and internal business needs.


Businesses that need scalable digital dollar accounts and want to automate accepting and making payments in USDC with a custom user experience.

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Other powerful use cases

On- and off-ramps in your crypto product
Get to market faster — and up to 80x farther. You’re in control of your UX while we handle processing, storing, and USD Coin (USDC) conversion.
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Send mass payouts globally
Automate your payouts in global markets and geos with digital dollars and USD Coin (USDC) — while fully owning the user experience.
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Add digital dollar accounts
Focus on building killer products and services for your customers that support digital dollars while we take care of operating and securing complex wallet and blockchain infrastructure.
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