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Our principal OTC desk is a leading liquidity provider for crypto assets.

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High-touch and electronic execution

If you’re moving $100K or more, work personally with our OTC desk traders right through settlement. For smaller orders, we offer RFQ trading via API. When you’re ready to trade, so are we.

Proven experience

Circle Trade has been moving large blocks of crypto for half a decade. In 2018, we handled over $24B in notional volume across 1,000+ counterparties in 60+ countries.

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30+ crypto assets

Trade the big coins like BTC and ETH, plus a range of small- and mid-cap crypto assets. We support crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto transactions.

Same day, multi-currency settlement

Enjoy same day settlement of your trades in USD and USDC, and next day settlement in JPY, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD.

World’s first BitLicense recipient

In 2015, Circle was granted the first-ever BitLicense from the New York Department of Financial Services. This is the fundamental regulatory framework in the US, designed specifically for the crypto industry.

24/7 trading and support

With desks in Boston, New York, London and Hong Kong, you can reach us around the clock, around the world. From onboarding to settlement, we offer a private, personalized and seamless trading experience.

By the numbers

30+ crypto assets
1,000+ counterparties
60+ countries
$24B notional volume in 2018

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Circle Trade FAQs

For large-sized tickets, OTC trading allows for deeper liquidity, smaller market impact and greater operational simplicity than exchange trading.

With Circle Trade, you’ll get a single quote for your order which you can instantly agree on — no uncertainty associated with price slippage, no need for exchange order book discovery. You’ll leverage our liquidity and trading expertise to confidently make trades in large volumes with a network of diverse counterparties and exchanges, all with a greater degree of privacy.

Plus, as a principal OTC trading desk, you’ll face Circle as the single counterparty for your trade, with a simple settlement process. Settlement takes place after every trade with no need for account prefunding, and unlike exchanges, there are no withdrawal limits.

We prioritize the security of our clients, and will first work with you throughout our know-your-customer (KYC) process. After you have been approved by our compliance team, a trading agreement is signed, and you will be set up in a private chat with our traders. You can then reach out to our traders at any time to request a quote, which you may accept, pass or counter with your target level. Once both sides agree to the terms, the trade is confirmed and legally binding. In addition to voice trading, we also offer RFQ trading on our API.

Circle trades BTC, ETH, BCH and a wide range of other digital assets, and supports crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto transactions.

Our minimum trading size is USD $100,000 and there is no cap on trade size.

We maintain trading desks in Boston, New York, London and Hong Kong, offering 24/7 trading coverage.

There are no trading fees or commissions added to the prices we quote. We make our quotes based primarily on the size of the order and our internal mid-market value. Secondary factors include market volatility, exchange order books and past counterparty settlement history.

You’ll receive an email confirmation with settlement instructions. Once you’ve replied acknowledging the terms are correct, you’ll send your cryptocurrency to the designated wallet or fiat cash amount via a bank wire. Then, we’ll confirm receipt and send you the agreed upon cash amount or coins. For fiat transactions, time to settlement is governed by the length of time it takes for the bank to process the wire transfer.

Investor-backed crypto pedigree

Circle was founded in 2013 by internet entrepreneurs Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville and is backed by $250 million from investors.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this FAQ is for convenience only, and from time to time there may be differences in the actual trading process between you and Circle Trade (the over-the-counter business unit of Circle Internet Financial, Inc., “Circle”) as compared to the trading process as described in the FAQ. Circle may modify this FAQs from time to time in its sole discretion, without liability. The terms on which you trade with Circle can be found in your trading agreement.