Circle Security

Why you can trust us with your money

We get it. Money’s a big deal and you’re not going to leave it with just anyone. That’s why we protect it like it’s our own.

Your info is encrypted

All of your personal and financial details are encrypted with two levels of AES 128-bit symmetric encryption — the data is encrypted using keys that are encrypted using other keys, with separate storage mechanisms for each layer. And take comfort knowing we’re fully PCI-DSS compliant.

Your account is protected

We require two-factor authentication to sign up (or sign in). So you need to know your email and password, plus provide a verification code we send. You can also set a PIN or enable touchID.

Your privacy is important

We’ll never sell or rent your personal info to third parties. We only ask for what we are required to keep by law as a financially regulated institution.

Secure like a bank

We’re an Electronic Money Institution supervised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). And, our technology, compliance and accounting practices are audited regularly. Plus, your money is held by Barclays, so you know you’re covered.

We’re actual human beings

You can get a hold of us if you have questions on any of this, or anything else. (Well, maybe not anything.) Just tap ‘help’ in the app to send a message, visit our Help Center or email us.