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New in Payments: Accept Bank Wires and Fraud Management Tools

New in Payments: Accept Bank Wires and Fraud Management Tools

Joao Reginatto Joao Reginatto October 15, 2020

We continue to expand the breadth of payment rails and services under our Payments API by  adding acceptance via Bank Wires programmatically from 80+ countries globally. You can now  accept large scale payments in addition to debit and credit cards in one single integration for greater flexibility. 



Fintechs, neobanks, wallets, service providers and many more companies now can go from an end users’ bank account to USDC for a variety of payments, trading, commerce and lending use cases. For example, Compound customers can now go from a bank account through a bank wire to Compound USDC by managing the flow into the protocol with our Payments API.

Today we are also rolling out powerful Fraud Management tools for all our Payments customers. Traditional ways of combating fraud were never designed for modern crypto native businesses like exchanges, wallets and payments apps. Over the next few months, you will start seeing more fraud management tooling that leverage Circle’s strength of fraud prevention expertise and data from over 5 years worth processing payments for crypto native products.


We’ve added enhanced testing functionality for interacting with Bank Wire Payments in our Sandbox. Stay tuned for future release updates and contact to learn more.

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